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    • When the Spirit Moves

      by Paul Leonard

      Advance praise for When the Spirit Moves: Paul Leonard is a man moved by a generous and loving spirit. His probing and sometimes humorous words come in many forms and this lyrical collection includes poems, ...

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    • The Angel Dialogues

      by Anthony Abbott

      Coming Spring 2014 This book is not really a collection of poems; rather, it is a narrative, a story that takes place over a year, in which a poet, who has prayed for a muse, ...

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    • Liberating Dixie

      by Ed Williams

      Liberating Dixie, a collection from Williams’ half-century of journalism, is an exhilarating tour through life as seen by a provocative and insightful Southern writer. The characters range from Jesse Helms to Jim and Tammy Faye ...

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    • Far From the Centers of Ambition

      At Black Mountain College, poets, philosophers, scientists and painters such as Robert Duncan, Buckminster Fuller, Merce Cunningham, John Cage and Josef Albers engaged in a vast experiment whose widespread results are still felt around the ...

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    • Servant Leader
      The Life of William F. Mulliss

      Authors Hunter Gourley and Jerry Shinn examine the life of a man who epitomizes the term “Servant Leader.” William (Bill) Frederick Mulliss never sought recognition for his far-reaching accomplishments. He led by example and did ...

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